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AI Meeting Assistant Personalization

Customizable behavior and output for summaries / highlights / transcripts. Generic improvementsby splitting text into sections for a long multi-topics meetingtry to identify what is small talk and what is importantKnowing who said what as part of the summary would be helpful. Provide a short summary of any deliverables from any participants at the end of the summary in a list. List each participant and what they are expected to do, along with when it is due, if there is a due date.Have it summarise the meeting according to the structure and order items were discussed (with the agenda?)it is klunky and it tries to determine whether male or femaleMake it smarter. It puts things in next steps that don't make sense.Why don't you use the agenda. And could then MeetGeek AI take the agenda and make a summary based on it?When meetings contain same agendas can we expect that MeetGeek AI will be able to improve the quality of the transcripts through the time (e.g. when we expand the dictionary and/or updating transcript itself)? So it is better to catch the specific terms/words that are used in the meetings.It gives too much emphasis to the first 2-3 mins of conversation vs. the majority of the work.The summary should take into account the name of the meeting as this is usually the subject and main topicStop calling things we do during the call "next steps" and start capturing actual "next steps”include AI confidence in the scoreif the Summary can be in short or long summary, which able to depends on the needs of the user, it would be great.Split Next Steps by participant rather than having them combined when it involves more than one particpantBetter spacing and more ordered lists includedMeeting report should be concise and specific; Names of Facilitator or contributor should also be capture in the report and the information or data presented.

Dan Huru About 1 month ago

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How to Never Record a Meeting invite from an account?

Hi, I thought I had set up never to record from a specific account, but the system still auto connects to any invite they send me. This is really frustrating, as they do not want to be recorded. How can I make sure this doesn't happen, without me having to check my settings every day to make sure it does not connect? Example, I never want to connect to any invite sent from a specific email address, unless I want to record it (turn on, manually). This is the exact opposite setting of your system, by default it will connect to every invite. But sometimes I forget to check it, or can't make the meeting and it still connects. Does this make sense?

Vincent | Cyber Strategy Institute 4 months ago

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